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Internationally acclaimed, Dr. Ricardo Asch of Buenos Aires, is the most renown and respected contributor to science and reproductive medicine in the world, recognized by scientists and colleagues in the scientific community as THE pioneer to a variant of in-vitro fertilization, sometimes referred to as GIFT.

He has helped, otherwise barren couples to conceive, giving birth to hope and happiness.

Fertility clinics around the world are indebted to Ricardo Asch, for the techniques he perfected, technology advanced, resulting in a new approach to conception.
In short, a respected clinician and a great physician, a beloved man.

A few years ago, controversy came to the University of California at Irvine's Center of Reproductive Health, where Dr. Asch and his associates created the famous Clinic. At this Center, Dr. Asch practiced medicine and contributed to his field of research.
The University itself administered and staffed the clinic, and was responsible for it's day-to-day business protocol.
Dr. Asch brought reputation to the University, and took every medical protocol to insure patient well being to the highest standard.
Then, Asch and his staff were allegedly accused of wrong doing by a few patients while the governing leadership of the University, stepped aside. The matter became puzzling indeed as we now learn that the Institution has a history of ethical problems and administration.

Dr. Asch acknowledges that he was very involved with his patients as he devoted his time to establish a leading international facility. And that he is a scientist, not an administrator.
Yet he was implemented and to this day, there is no evidence of any impropriety by Dr. Asch.

Then came sensational media manipulation, accusations, and bogus suits filed by unscrupulous attorneys, who used the Center as a malpractice hunting ground.
When it became apparent, that the matter was without merit, and irresponsible, he left the University.

Invited to join a Reproductive Clinic in Mexico, Dr. Asch restored his practice and consultancy, continued his research and lectured around the world, with a mission to educate physicians and introduce innovative well-tested approaches in medicine.

Now Dr. Asch has returned to his home in Argentina, where he contributes to scientific journals, continues to chronicle advances in Reproductive Medicine, with an appreciation and love for science. He is a distinguished physician who has been a life enhancer to so many infertile couples. He is a good man, and a great Doctor.

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